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For Immediate Release
RALEIGH, NC - 04/15/2010
Contact: Robert L. Ford,

2010 Broiler Serviceperson of the Year Awards

The 2010 NC Broiler Supervisors' Short Course was held in Sanford, N.C. April 15, 2010. The Short Course is held annually to provide updated technical information for live production and grow out managers, broiler flock supervisors and other personnel related to broiler chicken production.

During the day's sessions, the 2010 Broiler Serviceperson of the Year Awards were presented.

L to R: Dr. Edgar Olivedo (NC State University), Mike Ogburn (Perdue Farms - Candor), Barry Thompson (Mountaire Farms), Derek Bean (Mountaire Farms), Darrell Ritter (Townsends, Inc. - Siler City), Brad Gee (Pilgrims Pride - Sanford), Dr. Sam Pardue (NC State University), & Bob Ford (Exec Director, NC Poultry Federation). Award winners not present: Roger Key (Tyson/Wilkesboro) and Matthew Lane (Wayne Farms).