Close to 5000 North Carolina families produce poultry on their farms, with another 25,000 directly employed in some aspect of poultry production or processing.



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For Immediate Release
RALEIGH, NC - 03/31/2010
Contact: Robert L. Ford,

2010 April Poultry Proclamation

Again for 2010 the poultry industry is recognized for the month of April. In her official proclamation highlighting the industry, Governor Perdue notes: "North Carolina's poultry industry is the top agricultural enterprise in our state, with North Carolina farm families producing poultry products valued at more than $3.34 billion." She further notes in praise of the state's poultry industry that North Carolina "significantly bolsters our state economy and provides nutritious, wholesome food to North Carolina families and other consumers across America and the world."

The proclamation of April as North Carolina's Poultry Month is presented to Commissioner Steve Troxler by NCPF Executive Director, Bob Ford.